Courses Detail

Elementary Compulsory Courses Credit General Foundation Courses Credit Law Courses Credit Law Courses Credit
LLB101:English-I 3 LLB211:General Course-1 Introduction to logic and legal reasoning3 LLB151:Introduction to Law3 LLB452:Law of Torts3
LLB102:English-II 3 LLB111:General Course-2 Principles of Political Science 3 LLB152:Constitutional History of Pakistan3 LLB361:Law of Contract-I3
LLB201:English-III3 LLB112:General Course 3 Indo Pak History 3 LLB261 :Islamic Jurisprudence-I3 LLB362:Law of Contract-II3
LLB202:English-IV 3 LLB113:General Course 4 Introduction to Sociology 3 LLB262:Islamic Jurisprudence-II3 LLB363:Islamic Personal Law-I3
LLB103:Islamic Studies3 LLB212:General Course 5 Principles of Economics 3 LLB263:Jurisprudence-I3 LLB364:Islamic Personal Law-II3
LLB104: Introduction to world Religions3 General Course 6 Elective- 3 LLB264:Jurisprudence-II3 LLB365:Equity-I3
LLB105:Pakistan Studies3 General Course 7 Elective-II3 LLB271:Constitutional Law-I3 LLB366:Equity-II3
LLB106:Introduction to Ethics3 3 LLB272:Constitutional Law-II 3 LLB367:Criminal Law-I3
LLB107:Skills Development3 3 LLB371:Constitutional Law-III3 LLB368:Criminal Law-II3
Total credit hours27 Total credit hours21
Law Courses Credit Law Courses Credit Optional courses in LawCredit
LLB551:Corporate Law3 LLB481:Criminal Procedure-I3 Subject Option-I3
LLB451:Law of Interpretation3 LLB482:Criminal Procedure-II3 Subject Option-II3
LLB373:Law of Property-I3 LLB483:Civil Procedure-I3 3
LLB374:Law of Property-II3 LLB484:Civil Procedure-II3 3
LLB351:Land Laws3 LLB485:Law of Evidence-I3 3
LLB471:International Law-I3 LLB486:Law of Evidence-II3 3
LLB472:International Law-II3 LLB487:Legal Drafting-I3 3
LLB552:Law of Human Rights3 LLB488:Legal Drafting-II3 3
LLB553:Administrative Law3 LLB562:Art of Advocacy and Legal Ethics3 3
3 LLB561:Moot Cases and Role Playing3 3
3 LLB563:Research Methodology3 3
3 LLB564:Research Project3 3
3 LLB554:Internship3 Total Credit Hrs126