Welcome to the School of Law

Legal Education is essentially a multi-disciplined, multipurpose education which can develop the human resources and idealism needed to strengthen the legal system. A lawyer, a product of such education would be able to contribute to national development and social change in a much more constructive manner. Law plays a significant role in the process of socio-economic progress of the country. It aims to provide all the citizens political, social and economic justice. The professionals attached with the legal profession like Lawyers, Judges, Legal advisors, Consultants, Draft men, Legal academicians and Para-legal staff play a pivotal role in the establishment just and fair society achieving the ultimate goal of rule of law. Legal education is regarded as the backbone of society, as it facilitates society to function peacefully without much conflict. The legal education provides an opportunity for law graduates to practice law to help others seek justice. The Quaid-i-Azam University is planning to establish the School of Law to cater the growing needs of a quality legal education in Pakistan. Being the top ranked government university, it has well established infrastructure, fully equipped class rooms, computer labs, libraries and hostels making it ideal to impart the legal education. The University can attract leading jurists, academicians, lawyers and barristers as teaching staff in school of Law.