Semester wise break-up along with Credit Hours

Optional Courses

General (Two to choose) Elective-I and II
Course CodeCourse Title
AN 100Introduction to Anthropology
AR 100Introduction to Archaeology
ED 100Fundamentals of Education
CM 100Introduction to Commerce
PY 100Introduction to Psychology
MS 101Introduction to Business Studies
AS 200Introduction to Biology
DS 200Introduction to Defense & Strategic Studies
EC 200Introduction to the Economy of Pakistan
GS 200Introduction to Gender Studies
HS 200Introduction to the History of Muslim Civilizations
SO 200Foundations of Social Work
LS 200Introduction to Library Sciences
MS 200Principles of Management
IR 200Introduction to International Relations
HS 201Introduction to History of South Asia
MS 201Principles of Accounting
GE 241Introduction to Geography
Law (Two to choose) Subject Elective I and II
Course CodeCourse Title
LW 571Intellectual Property Law
LW 572International Economic Law
LW 573Environmental Law
LW 574Banking Laws
LW 575Labor Law
LW 576Taxation Laws
LW 577Alternate Dispute Resolution
LW 578International Trade Law and WTO
LW 579International Institutions
LW 580Criminology
LW 581Minor Acts
LW 582Gender and Law
LW 583Cyber Crimes
Note. Optional courses will be offered subject to the availability of the teachers and as per convenience of the department.

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