Moots/Mock Trials and Extra Curricular Activities

At QAU School of Law, extra-curricular activities play an important role in developing students’ skills and knowledge. The faculty places a great emphasis on Moot or Mock Trial Competitions, which helps law students become familiar with fictional court proceedings and gain exposure to legal practice and ethics.

Each semester, SOL conducts moot competitions to give its students the best possible experience. Various teams from different universities participate in these competitions, and each year, Law School teams participate in numerous national and international moots, including the Jessup moots, International Committee of Red Cross’s Henry Dunant Moots, and other competitions at the national level.

In 2020 and 2022 respectively, Law School’s moot teams won the ‘Best Memorandum’ awards in the 11th ICRC Henry Dunant Moot Competition and Tax Law National Moot Court Competition. Such practical approaches adopted by Law School will help to foster the best future judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and civil servants.

Internationally, Law School’s teams participate in the Williams C. Vis Moot on International Commercial Arbitration and International Construction Arbitration Moot ICAM each year. In March 2022, Law School’s team participated in person in the Middle East Williams C. Vis Pre-Moot Competition and training for seven days held in Bahrain Chamber of Commerce, Bahrain, jointly conducted mainly by United Nation Department of Commerce under its Commercial Law Development Program and Bahrain Chamber of Commerce.

Law School is further arranging to hold an intra-departmental moot, with a special focus on international commercial or construction arbitration, on the Williams C. Vis Moot 2023 proposition to develop a strong understanding of international commercial arbitration. This initiative towards international arbitration may give new matchless impetus to arbitration practice in Pakistan and help produce an entire new generation of lawyers having expertise in national or international commercial arbitration laws and practice, helping litigants to solve their disputes of national or international nature with ease.

QAU School of Law also participates in the International Mediation Writing Competition held by Weinstein International Foundation. Atitzaz Asher, the alumnus, and current student Mariam Fatima won the first prize of US $1000 in 2021 and 2022, respectively, securing the first position among all the participants from different institutions across Pakistan.

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